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Past meetings:

Proposed sessions for the 2010 General meeting of IMA, in Budapest. This was decided during the business meeting in Oslo (Room D11, 10:00-11:30) on the 8th of August, 1.Deep Earth mineralogy: Jay Bass (US), David Rubie (D), Eiji Ohtani (Jp), Guillaume Fiquet (F), Daniel Farber, Don Weidner (US), David Price (UK) 2.Physical properties and dynamics of the Mantle and core: Eiji Ohtani (Jp), Yinwei Fei (US), Denis Andrault (F) 3.Glasses and melts: from volcanic activity to industrial processes: Daniel .Neuville (F), G. Henderson (US), Y. Xue (Jp) 4.Mineral spectroscopy: from laboratory to synchrotron: Georg Amthauer (A), A. Beran (A), Lutz Nasdala (D) 5.Phase transformation, Kinetics and transport properties of minerals, melts and fluids: J. Ingrin (F), D. Frost (D), T. Katsura (Jp) 6.Thermodynamics of minerals: from experiment to simulation: C.A. Geiger (D), Etienne Balan (F), Taku Tsuchiya (Jp)

1. AGU2006 fall meeting, 11-15th Dec. 2006, San Francisco: MR13A. A session on Composition and Dynamics of Earth’s Mantle: Current Frontiers and Grand Challenges in Elasticity, Phase Transitions, and Rheology Studies (Oral) is organized by Lin, Ohtani, Prewitt, Bass, Karato,

2. Frontiers in Mineral Sciences 2007 , Cambridge, 26-28, June. Amorphous materials: properties, structure and durability, Convenor: Daniel Neuville (Paris; D. Neuville). Co-convenors: Grant Henderson (Toronto; G. Henderson), Donald Dingwell (Munich; D. Dingwell).

3. 2007 HPMPS-7 is organized by Andrault, Brown, Ohtani (Chair), Rubie, and Wang on 8th-12th, May, at Matsushima, Japan.

4. 2007 JPGU (Japan Geoscience union) Annual meeting will be held at Makuhari, Chiba, Japan on 19-24th, May, 2007. CPM organizes twol sessions on High Pressure Earth Science and Physics and Chemistry of Earth’s Minerals in this meeting.

5. Goldschmidt meeting at Frankfurt

AGU2005 fall meeting (San Francisco, Dec.5-9, 2005). E. Ohtani was invited and gave a talk on Melt Crystal density crossover in the Earth during a session on Molten Earth: Liquid in the Earth’s Interior, organized by Agee and Stixrude.

2006 annual meeting of JPGU (Japan Geoscience Union) held on 14th ­18th, May, 2006, Makuhari, Chiba). Organizations of sessions: High Pressure Earth Science and Physics and Chemistry of Earth’s Minerals.

The IMA General Meeting in Kobe - CPM was a member of the organizing committee and program committee. CPM submitted five proposed sessions on Mineral Physics for the IMA2006Kobe meeting (23th-28th July, 2006), and sponsored two mineral physics sessions; Mineralogy and dynamics of the mantle and core (Convened by Bass, Hirose, Ohtani, Rubie) amd Structure and physical properties of melts and glasses (Convened Neuville) by Henderson, Kanzaki, Neuville) and is going to make an invited talk.

2006 Goldschmidt Conference, Melbourne (27th August- 1st September, 2006) - session on perovskite and post-perovskite and mantle dynamics; E. Ohtani, convenor.

Participation of CPM in Water in Nominally Anhydrous Minerals, October 1 - 4, 2006, Verbania, Italy Short Course organizer: Hans Keppler, Bayerisches Geoinstitut, Bayreuth, Germany and Joseph Smyth, Unviersity of Colorado, Boulder, CO, USA. sponsors: Mineralogical Society of America and The Geochemical Society.

CPM Publications

Advance in High Pressure Mineralogy. GSA Monograph Book, N° 421. To be published in 2007 (Ohtani ed.)