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Former web pages


During the Kobe Business Meeting, the Commission on Mineral Classification merge with the Commission on New Mineral and Mineral Names to form a new Commission called the Commission on New Mineral, Nomenclature and Classification. Former web pages related to these two commissions are stocked within the IMA Web pages archives.

To former CCM pages

PDF - 109.3 kb
former Episodes pages

Former Episodes page on IMA website

Presidential perspectives

PDF - 123.4 kb
From the past president

From the Past-President.Published in Elements V2,N5.

PDF - 50.3 kb
Acknoledgements Takamitsu Yamanaka

Acknowledgments following the Kobe General meeting of IMA, by the Chairman, Takamitsu Yamanaka

PDF - 40.7 kb
Next Stop, Kobe

From the President, Ian Parsons : Next stop, Kobe. Published in Elements V2,N3.

PDF - 65.9 kb
Welcome to Kobe

Welcome to the 19th general meeting of IMA (July 2006). Speech also published in the annexes of the minutes of the IMA Business meeting in Kobe (item 5.1)

PDF - 157.3 kb
Annexe min. Business Meet. Kobe
PDF - 129.9 kb
Looking Back and forward

IMA 2002 Edinburgh : Looking back and looking forward, by I. Parsons

PDF - 13.7 kb
presidential letter, 2002

Presidential letter, July 2002, by Tony Naldrett

See also "IMA News" in Elements