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Description of the award


The IMA Medal for Excellence in MIneralogical Research was created by a decision of Council in 2006. The medal was awarded in 2008, 2009 and biennially in 2011, 2013 and 2015.  Beginning in 2017, the IMA medal will be awarded annually.

The IMA Medal is awarded for scientific excellence and eminence, as represented by long-term outstanding scientific publication in the field of mineralogical sciences. It is to be considered as one of the pre-eminent awards in mineralogical research, and represents a life-time achievement award. The length of the candidate’s publication list is less significant than the quality of his or her contribution(s). The mineralogical sciences are broadly defined and the candidate need not qualify as a mineralogist. Rather, his or her published record should be related to the mineralogical sciences and should make some outstanding contribution to them. All endeavors are equally suitable for the award: mineralogy, geochemistry, petrology, crystallography, and applied mineralogy. The award shall be made without regard to nationality. Membership in a mineralogical society is not a necessary prerequisite to receive the award.

Nominators, either individual members of a mineralogical society or group, or a National Representative of a mineralogical society or group, must submit complete nomination packages to the medal committee by April 1. This dead-line will also be announced in Elements and on the IMA website. The IMA council will then vote on the medal committee’s recommendation. If a suitable candidate is found, the medal will be presented at a major international meeting the following year. The recipient of the IMA Medal is expected to present a lecture on a topic related to the award at this meeting. The lecture will be published in a suitable international journal of mineralogy, in agreement with the IMA Medal Committee.

The IMA medal, 40 mm in diameter, is of fine silver (pure silver) and weighs 62.2 g (2 oz. Troy). It shows the IMA logo on the front, and the inscription “For Excellence in Mineralogical Research” as well as the recipient’s name and the date of the award on the back.