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Submitting nominations


Submitting nominations for the IMA Medal

Nominators, either individual members of a mineralogical society or group, or a National Representative of a mineralogical society or group, must submit complete nomination packages by April 1. This dead-line will also be announced in Elements and on the IMA website.

Nominations for the award consist of a package including:

  • A checklist for IMA Medal nomination, available here as DOC or PDF file;
  • A cover letter from the nominator outlining the candidate’s qualifications in the light of the criteria for the award;
  • Supporting letters from at least three (3) but no more than five (5) other individuals. These should focus on how the candidate meets the criteria of the award;
  • A complete curriculum vitae and a bibliography of published works exclusive of abstracts, book reviews, and papers that have not yet been accepted for publication.

The nominator should collect the documents listed in the checklist, in particular the letters of support provided by sponsors. The nomination package should be a single electronic file, preferably as a PDF. The nominator should send the package to the Chair of the IMA medal committee. The title of the email should include the name of the nominee.

Nominations can be carried over to following years if the nomination package is updated by the nominator. Any nomination not renewed after 4 years will not be considered further. The award shall be made without regard to nationality. Membership in a mineralogical society is not a necessary prerequisite to receive the award.


Award Checklist (pdf)

Award checklist

Award Checklist (doc)

Award checklist